The Brief

Develop an engaging, responsive eCommerce site for American-made rifles and accessories

About Spike’s Tactical

Spike’s Tactical is a respected firearm manufacturer specializing in AR-15 platforms. The company encourages Americans to uphold their second amendment right by providing high-quality complete uppers and lower receivers to qualified citizens. Customers enjoy the process of building their own firearms and connecting with a company who shares their values.

Structured for Success

The Spike’s Tactical website build focused on meticulous navigation and categorization for a seamless buying experience. Users needed to clearly understand product categories and how to find them, so their purchases were linear and easy to add to cart.

Zeroing In the Buyer’s Journey

Building a firearm is a complex process. Customers need clear and complete information to select appropriate parts and accessories and move them to their cart. Great care was taken to logically segment these categories. Smooth navigation leads the buyer through their journey and encourages informed conversions and increased sales.

Responsive Experience

The large eCommerce site needed to encourage conversions across all platforms. By creating this site with mobile in mind, we were able to create a cohesive journey for users who toggle between device and desktop to build their custom firearm.

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