The Brief

Create a Global Brand to Empower Women to Build Strength and Confidence

About Strong4Me Fitness

Strong4Me is a lifestyle that was designed for women of any age or fitness level to bring balance to their busy lives. Kate Upton and her personal trainer, Ben Bruno, expertly designed low-impact, high efficiency exercises that can be done with little equipment anywhere in the world. At its core, the program embodies accessible workouts, attainable goals and a sustainable lifestyle. This program inspires women to focus on themselves for 30 minutes a day and radiate the best versions of themselves from the inside out.

A New Logo For a New Concept

There are hundreds of fitness programs available to women looking to change their lives; however, very few of them focus on building up a woman for herself and herself alone. The logo needed to convey the goal of the company. This program isn’t about Kate Upton, it’s about the women completing the program. The women who are putting their heart into making a positive, sustainable change to their lifestyle.

“Thank you to Black Tie for helping us building our website and spread awareness everywhere. You’ve done an amazing job, and I’ve really enjoyed working with you.”

Kate Upton
Founder – Strong4Me Fitness

Designing the Product

Bringing Kate Upton and Ben Bruno’s 12 week fitness program from concept to downloadable eBook was a massive undertaking. From directing photo shoots, confirming a design and laying out the entire project, our team of graphic designers stepped up to the plate and delivered a beautiful product that establishes the brand.

A Strong Online Store

The Strong4Me website and online store was built on Shopify. This enabled our developers to build an intuitive and user-centered site our clients can manage orders from and edit with ease.

A Strong Strategy for a Strong Brand

Strong4Me Fitness needed paid search, inbound and social strategies in place before the brand launched. Google Adwords campaigns were designed and set free to help curious web seekers find the website. Inbound campaigns were crafted and deployed to draw users in, teach them the value of Strong4Me and encourage conversion. Finally, a strong social media strategy was crafted to encourage the growth of a strong fitness community.

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